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How to setup your own JAVIS with Ollama AI

How cool, will it be it you can talk to JAVIS with your personal AI assistance. Just follow the below screenshot below, along with the[…]

Unlocking Ultrafast Connectivity: Why Community Fibre’s 3Gbps Line is the Ultimate Choice

In an era where the internet powers our daily lives more than ever, having reliable and lightning-fast connectivity is no longer just a luxury; it’s[…]

How to install Ubuntu on Virtual Machine with a Synology NAS

– First login into your synology NAS server. – Go to Package Centre. – Click on ‘Settings’ button and select the ‘Beta’ tab. – Tick[…]

Simple rsync command

ssh into your destination folder when you want to backup your files, then type the following command. rsync -av [username]@[ip-address]:/Users/username/Pictures/ .

How to install the latest version of nodejs on Raspberry Pi Zero

First ssh in to pi and cd in to Downloads directory. $ cd ~/Downloads Next you need to download the nodejs tar. Checkout the version[…]

Pure HTML and CSS

I came across this site, whilst enhancing my SASS skill. Amazing what we can do with HTML, CSS and Javascript. See the Pen Tear-able[…]

Philips PicoPix Pocket projector PPX2480

What can I say about this gadget? PicoPix Pocket projector PPX2480 by Philips, has done an amazing job. I’m surprised Samsung nor Sony has any[…]

Twitter Bootstrap Vs. Skeleton

Hi guys, if you are looking for a quick site build from scratch, i would advice to download Twitter Bootstrap or Skeleton to help you get[…]

My review of Google Nexus 7 by Asus

The Google Nexus 7 Tablet is be best Android tablet in the current market. If anyone out there is considering jumping in to the modern time and[…]

Twixtor Pro Examples

There are alot of slow motion videos on youtube which demostrates impressive quality of ‘FPS’… Some of you may not know ‘FPS’ stands for ‘Frames[…]

Autodesk 123D Sculpt – Quick review for iPad 2

For all those 3d artists who owns an iPad, 3D modelling is now possible to do on the iPad. If you are a guru on[…]

3D on web browser

3D is now possible to run on any web browser, without installing any plugins. You may ask your self how is this possible? well… 3d animation[…]