Ubuntu + Virtual Machine + Synology

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– First login into your synology NAS server.
– Go to Package Centre.
– Click on ‘Settings’ button and select the ‘Beta’ tab.
– Tick the checkbox ‘Yes, I want to see beta versions!’.
– Next, go to ‘Utilities’ and find ‘Virtual Machine Manager’.
– Click on ‘Virtual Machine Manager’ and hit the ‘Install’ button.
– Once installed, Launch the app.

Install guest-agent
open terminal in Ubuntu and run the following command:
sudo apt-get install qemu-guest-agent

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ssh into your destination folder when you want to backup your files, then type the following command.

rsync -av [username]@[ip-address]:/Users/username/Pictures/ .

First ssh in to pi and cd in to Downloads directory.

$ cd ~/Downloads

Next you need to download the nodejs tar. Checkout the version you desire http://nodejs.org/dist/ make sure you download the the version with the last string ending ‘linux-armv6l.tar.gz’. Raspberry Pi Zero support only ARMv6.

$ wget http://nodejs.org/dist/v6.10.3/node-v6.10.3-linux-armv6l.tar.gz

Once downloaded cd in to usr/local

cd /usr/local

Extract tar here

sudo tar xzvf ~/Downloads/node-v6.10.3-linux-armv6l.tar.gz --strip=1

And finally remove default npm, node and nodejs.

sudo apt-get remove --purge npm node nodejs

Now check the version

$node -v && npm -v

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What can I say about this gadget? PicoPix Pocket projector PPX2480 by Philips, has done an amazing job. I’m surprised Samsung nor Sony has any competing product such as the ‘Pocket projector’. Philips biggest competitor in this market is M3. M3 has some great line of Pocket projectors, but are not cheap.

Why did I chose to buy a portable projector in stead of a Monitor or LCD TV?
Well, it portable and easy to carry around with. I travel so often, I live from my rucksack. Imagine having this device for every day use. Work and leisure, using any media you have available iPads, iPhones, Android devices, Laptops, camcorders, DVD player… the list is endless. As long as you have a mini HDMI output, you can plug it in to this bad boy and you’re away.

The quality of the picture is great, not exactly HD quality but close enough. Philips has used LED technology for a resolution of 854 x 480 and a contrast ratio of 1000:1. But you will be able to whack up your output up to 1924×600, this is where you may see degrade of sharpness. Before I forget, 80 lumens of brightness when plugged in the wall and 55 lumens on 2hours internal battery. Screen size… believe it or not max of 120″, larger than the average LCD TVs.

The down side of this projector is the in built 1watt speakers. Sound quality is pretty bad I must admit. But if you have a bluetooth speaker paired with your devices of choice like your iPad, you have a perfect set. Your home-made cinema.


Overall, I would definitely recommend purchasing this product. A great companion to share with your friends and family.

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Hi guys, if you are looking for a quick site build from scratch, i would advice to download Twitter Bootstrap or Skeleton to help you get on your way. You do not need to be an expert in html or css, but you need to have some knowledge to take full advantage. Both Twitter Bootstrap and Skeleton front-end frameworks works are great, but I think Twitter Bootstrap has the upper-hand, in terms of use of JavaScript, JQuery libraries and icons. Both frameworks has the 960 grid, responsive and fluid system.

See links below and let me know what you think?



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The Google Nexus 7 Tablet is be best Android tablet in the current market. If anyone out there is considering jumping in to the modern time and thinking of purchasing mobile device. I would recommend buying one of these babies!

I bought this device for browser testing, as I’m a frontend developer and need to check and debug with different OS devices.

My top five reasons:

1. Affordable – you can pick one up online from £159 (8gig) to £199 (16gig)

2. Size – Smalled and ligher (7inch) than an Apple iPad or Kindle fire.

3. Usability – Google has done their homework and made a huge improvement in usability and access-abilities with the latest OS update ‘Jelly-Bean’.

4. Quality – Asus has done a brilliant craftsmanship with this device, without breaking the bank. The product does not look cheap, but simple and elegant. Right behind Apple’s street.

5. Power – This is the fastest table out at the moment with a Quad-core Tegra 3 processor. If your a gamer like me… the gaming quality is superb. I would recommend to purchase games from ‘TegraZone” app.


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There are alot of slow motion videos on youtube which demostrates impressive quality of ‘FPS’… Some of you may not know ‘FPS’ stands for ‘Frames Per Seconds’. By standard video recorders capture 25fsp or 29fps. Any higher 600fps or 6,000fps we move to slowmotion (freezing time).

A lot of SLRs out there now can records up to 1,000fps. which can give you this effect. If you do not own a video record with the options of recording above 29fps, you can use a plugin called ‘Twixtor Pro’. Twixtor Pro is only avaliable on ‘Apple Mac – Final Cut Pro’ and ‘PC – After Effects’.

Twixtor Pro bascially gives you the power of controlling your video motion, give it a try!

Here are my experimental videos using’Twixtor Pro’ on Adobe After Effects CS5.

iPhone 4 29fps

For all those 3d artists who owns an iPad, 3D modelling is now possible to do on the iPad. If you are a guru on ZBrush this is the app for you. Autodesk has developed a modelling app which is completely free. Scan QR code below.

This app demonstrates the power of the iPad2 Dual-core A5 chip with 9x faster graphics. The UI of 123D Sculpt is simple and straight froward, if you are familiar to Autodesk SketchBookX, IU is very similar. Check out the video below:

It takes a bit of time to get use of tools and controls. Even though you are limited to ten tools, each tools can be defined by Size and Opacity. Controls are… pinch for zooming in and out, two fingers to rotate. One finger to move model. Top navigation… you have create new model, undo, redo, mirror, center model, screen shot and info.

– Pulling out
– Add layers
– Push in
– Smooth out
– Soft edge
– Flatten area
– Inflate area
– Move / deform
– Brush
– Rub image

After spending 30mins playing the app, I had produced this, see clip below. You can see I experimented with all tools.

The only downside to this app, you can not export your models to continue working on 3DMax, Maya or ZBrush. Autodesk if you can implement this export tool, all 3D artist will be grateful. I can see this app working for 3d modelers to do initial build and do the fine tuning on PC.


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3D is now possible to run on any web browser, without installing any plugins. You may ask your self how is this possible? well… 3d animation can be written in javascript but rely mainly on your graphics cards processor. Mrdoob is the guy who had written three.js which makes 3d animation possible. Check out these sites for examples:



To visit this site you need to open this in goolge Chrome: http://helloracer.com/webgl/

Hey guys, here is a first look of Microsoft Windows 8.


A gadget you most have with your New iPad2. Yes… that’s right a wireless keyboard and a protective case at the same time.

US is selling for $99 – http://www.zagg.com

UK – eBay selling for £73.99