Philips PicoPix Pocket projector PPX2480

What can I say about this gadget? PicoPix Pocket projector PPX2480 by Philips, has done an amazing job. I’m surprised Samsung nor Sony has any competing product such as the ‘Pocket projector’. Philips biggest competitor in this market is M3. M3 has some great line of Pocket projectors, but are not cheap.

Why did I chose to buy a portable projector in stead of a Monitor or LCD TV?
Well, it portable and easy to carry around with. I travel so often, I live from my rucksack. Imagine having this device for every day use. Work and leisure, using any media you have available iPads, iPhones, Android devices, Laptops, camcorders, DVD player… the list is endless. As long as you have a mini HDMI output, you can plug it in to this bad boy and you’re away.

The quality of the picture is great, not exactly HD quality but close enough. Philips has used LED technology for a resolution of 854 x 480 and a contrast ratio of 1000:1. But you will be able to whack up your output up to 1924×600, this is where you may see degrade of sharpness. Before I forget, 80 lumens of brightness when plugged in the wall and 55 lumens on 2hours internal battery. Screen size… believe it or not max of 120″, larger than the average LCD TVs.

The down side of this projector is the in built 1watt speakers. Sound quality is pretty bad I must admit. But if you have a bluetooth speaker paired with your devices of choice like your iPad, you have a perfect set. Your home-made cinema.


Overall, I would definitely recommend purchasing this product. A great companion to share with your friends and family.


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