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How to Authenticate SSH to a Remote Server

Securing access to remote servers is a fundamental aspect of managing IT infrastructure. Secure Shell (SSH) is a cryptographic network protocol used for securing data[…]

How to setup Dynamic DNS with Cloudflare in 21 easy steps

The question is… why would you want a Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS)? Here are 5 reasons why you would want a DDNS: 1. Dynamic[…]

Secure Your WordPress Site with Cloudflare

Want to safeguard your WordPress site from unwanted visitors? Cloudflare has your back! This handy tool offers a built-in Web Application Firewall (WAF) that can[…]

How to setup your own JAVIS with Ollama AI

How cool, will it be it you can talk to JAVIS with your personal AI assistance. Just follow the below screenshot below, along with the[…]

Setting Up Your Own HomeLab Plex Server: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you tired of relying on streaming services for your media needs? Do you want to take control of your entertainment experience and have access[…]

How to get the fastest internet connection in your home today in the UK

Are you ready to supercharge your internet experience? Look no further! Before we dive into the setup process, let’s get one thing straight – fiber[…]

How to install Ollama Ai on Mac & Docker

How to install AI servers on your home network is very simple and you will be up and running in mintues. First you need to[…]

How to create two seperate line styles in Mapbox

Here is how to create two different styles with Mapbox. If you open your JSON file where you had created your dataset of your two[…]

Unlocking Ultrafast Connectivity: Why Community Fibre’s 3Gbps Line is the Ultimate Choice

In an era where the internet powers our daily lives more than ever, having reliable and lightning-fast connectivity is no longer just a luxury; it’s[…]

Set WordPress file permissions in terminal

How to set your WordPress file permissions in terminal. cd in to your root of your webserver: Then change roles and group to: This line[…]

How to install stage_file_proxy on Drupal 8

First, you need to install stage file proxy with composer, note –dev is flagged to ensure this is available for development and not used for[…]

How to fix WordPress update and plugins on your Synology box

This is the issue I was getting when trying to update plugins: Using WP 4.9.6 I update an plugin resulting in: Updating Plugin Akismet Anti-Spam[…]

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