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Posted by Paul Costan at 6:57 pm

Only recently I needed to access my iMac GUI whilst I was away aboard. I’ve always ssh to my iMac being a geek. But for this particular occasion I needed to demo things on my iMac.
Anyways I did a little research and here are my findings and conclusion.

Like I said I’ve always ssh in to my box via VPN, takes awhile to setup if you know what you’re doing, but very useful if you want connect to your home network whilst your in another country.

VNC Viewer

If you have VPN the best app to use is VNC viewer and this is free.

On your Mac you first need to download VNC Connect client. See step by step instructions here.

Next download VNC Viewer on you iPad/iPhone. If you sign up and add your mac details and your way!

Usability is ok, I find it a bit slow compare to the other Remote Desktops apps. I feel it’s very graphic heavy and may eat in to your data plan.


Teamviewer is free for personal use only… But you if you have several machine you like to connect to, you are advice to purchase a licence, which I think is fair.

Teamviewer is very simple to install. Again it is best to sign up and user your login to your both desktop and mobile apps:
Desktop – Teamviewer client
iPad/iPhone – Teamviewer app

By far, I think the usability on the iPad/iPhone is very simple compare to all the rest for Remote Desktops apps. The app is optimise to your reduces your mobile bandwidth.

Google Chrome Remote desktop

Google is new to the game. I know Google had done similar in the past using their web browser, but this did not fly too well as it was very sluggish. Chrome Remote Desktop is the new and improve version. Works very well. You do not need VPN enable. You can access again on your iPad/iPhone.

The navigation works very similar to VNC viewer. The app is also optimised to your reduces your mobile bandwidth.

Apple Screenshare

Apple Screenshare is pretty recent with the new macOS Sierra. Screenshare is already intergated to the system. all you need to do is make use you are signed in to iMessage and thats it.

Search Screenshare by holding down Command and spacebar and type in ‘Screenshare’. put in the ip address if you have VPN and your in.

The other way is by sharing your screen or taking control of your friend/family desktop is by going to iMessage select the your user message and click on the ‘i’ icon and you will see the overlapping windows icon. Click on this and you will be presented the two options. Control or view.

Is is simple Remote desktop app which is web based.

Posted by Paul Costan at 10:24 am

To add icon to your homescreen. you need to create graphic to 58px x 58px


with the half glare:

<link rel=”apple-touch-icon-precomposed” href=”img/icon.png”/>



<link rel=”apple-touch-icon” href=”img/icon.png”/>


Loading splash page – graphic need to be 320px x 460px:

<link rel=”apple-touch-startup-image” href=”img/splash.png” />


Make your web app / website full screen:

<meta name=”apple-mobile-web-app-capable” content=”yes” />


Status bar style:

<meta name=”apple-mobile-web-app-status-bar-style” content=”default” /><br />

<meta name=”apple-mobile-web-app-status-bar-style” content=”black” /><br />

<meta name=”apple-mobile-web-app-status-bar-style” content=”black-translucent” />

Recently my contract with O2 had expired. I did a lot of research and phoning around for best deals and T-Mobile gave me an offer I could not refuse. I do love my iPhone but I thought to try out Android. And why not I’m open minded as I’m a web developer. I know there are a lot of people out there who are anti-Apple or anti-Android. But I do believe that everyone should try them all. before making judgment. I had it all… Nokia, Blackberry, IOS, Android etc. And I do like Apple simplicity and I believe Android are catching up.

… Anyways back on track…

I had cancelled my contract with O2 and received my shiny new Samsung Galaxy S2 with T-Mobile. Now my iPhone was redundant and I thought to Jailbreak it as I thought this was only way to unlock the device. I did the jailbreak but there was no app to unlock the phone as  the baseband was up-to-date and no one has written a patch as yet. I did more research and discovered after reading  an article somewhere, you can actually contact your network provider to release your phone. As a customer you have the rights to have your phone unlock after ending your contract; and besides the device is no longer their property so why should it be lock their network.

Here is the link found on O2 to unlock your iPhone.

In less than a week I received a text msg saying my iPhone can now be unlocked by syncing my iPhone to iTune. So I did a ‘Restore’ as I had previous jail broken my iPhone. After the restore process, I got a pop message saying ‘Congratulations, your iPhone is now unlocked’. Something along those lines anyways.

So if you want to unlock your phone and thinking of switching network providers, you have rights to contact your network provider and ask them to unlock your phone, regardless if its an iPhone or not.

Please leave your comments, I’m interested to know your success story or not.

For all those 3d artists who owns an iPad, 3D modelling is now possible to do on the iPad. If you are a guru on ZBrush this is the app for you. Autodesk has developed a modelling app which is completely free. Scan QR code below.

This app demonstrates the power of the iPad2 Dual-core A5 chip with 9x faster graphics. The UI of 123D Sculpt is simple and straight froward, if you are familiar to Autodesk SketchBookX, IU is very similar. Check out the video below:

It takes a bit of time to get use of tools and controls. Even though you are limited to ten tools, each tools can be defined by Size and Opacity. Controls are… pinch for zooming in and out, two fingers to rotate. One finger to move model. Top navigation… you have create new model, undo, redo, mirror, center model, screen shot and info.

– Pulling out
– Add layers
– Push in
– Smooth out
– Soft edge
– Flatten area
– Inflate area
– Move / deform
– Brush
– Rub image

After spending 30mins playing the app, I had produced this, see clip below. You can see I experimented with all tools.

The only downside to this app, you can not export your models to continue working on 3DMax, Maya or ZBrush. Autodesk if you can implement this export tool, all 3D artist will be grateful. I can see this app working for 3d modelers to do initial build and do the fine tuning on PC.


Here is a tip how to sync all your iPhone/iPad contacts to gmail.

1. First of all you need to export all your contacts from your mobile to your computer i.e Outlook or whichever application you use to store your current contacts.

2. Next export address book as ‘csv’ file on to your desktop.

3. Login to your google account and go to ‘Contacts’ > ‘More actions’ > ‘Import’ and
Select the csv file from your desktop. Gmail will start to import all your contact lists… Gmail will later flag up duplications and will give you options to merge existing contacts, delete and compare. This is where you can clean up your contacts and get organised. This took me a couple of hours but it’s well worth the pain… You will see, believe me read on…

4. Once you are happy with your address book, do an export of all your contacts again to your desktop and keep this file safe. This is for backup, as you know you had spent hours organising your contact list; and you will hate yourself if you had to go through the whole process again.

5. Now here is the clever part… As you know you have backed up your contacts on your computer as peace of mind, you now need to delete all your contacts on your iPhone/iPad.
If you already have gmail set up on you iPhone and iPad you need to disable or delete. Don’t worry all email will not be lost as they are originally stored online.

6. Go to ‘Setting’ > ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendar’ and select ‘Add Account’ on your iPhone/iPad. This time instead of clicking on ‘Gmail’ tap the ‘Microsoft Exchange’.
Fill in your gmail account as shown below and tap ‘Next’. You may be asked to put in server name. If so here it is: And presto!

You now have the options to sync Mail, Contacts and Calendar.

7. Finally if you scroll down to ‘Contacts’ under ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendar’. Be sure to set gmail as ‘Default Account’.

You’re Done! If you go to your contacts on your iPhone/iPad will see all your clean and organised contacts which automatically gets pulled down from your gmail account. The beauty of this setup, everything is sync with your google account… So if you have a new contact you like to add to your iPhone or iPad, new contacts or amended contacts will appear on all devices and online.

Enjoy all!

Here is my iPhone / iPad app of the week…

Goes to ‘Bambuser’. Bambuser is a live streaming app, which will show your event footage to the world in realtime! There is of cause a couple of second delay, but your audience wont know the difference.

The app is straight forward, you can choose to save video on to your iPhone or iPad whilst broadcasting or just broadcast and upload to your channel which, will save storage space.

Check it out, and it’s free!


Here are my top 20 iPad2 apps.

To download to these apps from this page, make sure to install QRReader or Scan apps from iTunes first. Once installed open the app, hold and point camera to QR code on screen. Enjoy!

20. MetalStorm – Game


19. Sky News – News
Sky Newsqrcode


18. eBay – Shopping


17. BBC News – News
BBC News


16. Incredibooth – Photography


15. Flipboard – Entertainment


14. PS Express – Photography
PS Expressqrcode


13. BBC iPlayer – Entertainment
BBC iPlayer


12. Frisbee Forever – Game
Frisbee Foreverqrcode


11. Falling Fred – Game
Falling Fred


10. Jenga HD – Game
Jenga HD


9. Twitter – Social



8. SketchBook Express – Photography
SketchBook Express


7. IMO – Social



6. 4oD Catch UP – Entertainment
4oD Catch UP


5. iMovie – Photography


4. GarageBand – Music


3. Samurai Vengeance 2 – Game
Samurai Vengeance 2qrcode


2. Angry Birds Rio – Game
Angry Birds Rioqrcode


1. RealRacing2HD – Game

Posted by Paul Costan at 1:38 pm

I came across this site which help you setup a search script in your iPhone/iPad when surfing.

Very handy tool, check it out!


Or download here