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Best iPad apps to remote desktop to your iMac

Only recently I needed to access my iMac GUI whilst I was away aboard. I’ve always ssh to my iMac being a geek. But for[…]

iPhone enhancements for webapps and websites

To add icon to your homescreen. you need to create graphic to 58px x 58px   with the half glare: <link rel=”apple-touch-icon-precomposed” href=”img/icon.png”/>   plain:[…]

Autodesk 123D Sculpt – Quick review for iPad 2

For all those 3d artists who owns an iPad, 3D modelling is now possible to do on the iPad. If you are a guru on[…]

How to sync your iPhone/iPad contacts to gmail

Here is a tip how to sync all your iPhone/iPad contacts to gmail. 1. First of all you need to export all your contacts from[…]

iPhone / iPad app of the week

Here is my iPhone / iPad app of the week… Goes to ‘Bambuser’. Bambuser is a live streaming app, which will show your event footage[…]

Top 20 iPad2 apps

Here are my top 20 iPad2 apps. To download to these apps from this page, make sure to install QRReader or Scan apps from iTunes[…]

iPhone/iPad text search

I came across this site which help you setup a search script in your iPhone/iPad when surfing. Very handy tool, check it out! Or download