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Posted by Paul Costan at 9:18 am

There are alot of slow motion videos on youtube which demostrates impressive quality of ‘FPS’… Some of you may not know ‘FPS’ stands for ‘Frames Per Seconds’. By standard video recorders capture 25fsp or 29fps. Any higher 600fps or 6,000fps we move to slowmotion (freezing time).

A lot of SLRs out there now can records up to 1,000fps. which can give you this effect. If you do not own a video record with the options of recording above 29fps, you can use a plugin called ‘Twixtor Pro’. Twixtor Pro is only avaliable on ‘Apple Mac – Final Cut Pro’ and ‘PC – After Effects’.

Twixtor Pro bascially gives you the power of controlling your video motion, give it a try!

Here are my experimental videos using’Twixtor Pro’ on Adobe After Effects CS5.

iPhone 4 29fps

Posted by Paul Costan at 8:43 am

3D is now possible to run on any web browser, without installing any plugins. You may ask your self how is this possible? well… 3d animation can be written in javascript but rely mainly on your graphics cards processor. Mrdoob is the guy who had written three.js which makes 3d animation possible. Check out these sites for examples:

To visit this site you need to open this in goolge Chrome:

Here is my iPhone / iPad app of the week…

Goes to ‘Bambuser’. Bambuser is a live streaming app, which will show your event footage to the world in realtime! There is of cause a couple of second delay, but your audience wont know the difference.

The app is straight forward, you can choose to save video on to your iPhone or iPad whilst broadcasting or just broadcast and upload to your channel which, will save storage space.

Check it out, and it’s free!