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Recently my external hard drive died on me, and I had lost valuable content. I wished I had backed them up. I’m sure you all have thought about it and say to yourself “I will backup my files over the weekend”. But you always forget or you don’t have the time…. And so before you know it, your machine / external hard drive eventually gives up on you when you need it the most.

I found a solution called SpiderOak, an online storage system. I was recommended by a friend who has clock up 50gb of free online storage. Yes, believe it! 50gb baby! FREE! How you may question yourself… well its by recommendation. For every referral your receive, yourself and the referrer will receive 1gb. So to help you start off click here or scan QR code below to get your extra gigabyte. Initially if you signup from SpiderOak site you will get 2gb.

Setting up is straight forward, you first sign you and follow the on screen setup and download their small app and you are on your way. With SpiderOak you can chose what you want to backup, you can even drill down to a specific file. Once you have chosen your files/folder this can be schedule to sync as frequently as you want, on the fly, weekly or monthly.

Other features are syncing files to each of your machines and sharing files and documents like Dropbox. The only difference between these clouded storage systems, SpiderOak encrypts all your files, not even SpiderOak themselves know what you have uploaded to their cloud. Only you can see files on your computers or mobile devices. I personally think this is the way forward if you want to backup files and want the security as well, try SpiderOak!

Please also see review from Cloudwards


There are a few ways to optimise your hosted WordPress sites, for example using ‘Quick Cache’ or ‘Mimify’ plugins and many more which will help increase your site performance.

But how about your images? Your WordPress site images can slow down your site if you have lots stored on hosted server. Well I have come up with an quick and easy solution using Dropbox as your CDN. Serving your ‘uploads’ folder from Dropbox ‘Public’ folder. This way helping reduce your upload bandwidth BIG time!


This is how:

1. Install Dropbox app on your web server, it does not matter which setup you have Linux, windows etc. But you will get the idea what we’re doing here.

2. Next Cut or Move ‘uploads’ folder (/wp-content/uploads) to your Dropbox ‘Public’ folder (/Public/website-name/uploads)

3.Here is the clever bit… Create a ‘symlink’ from your (/Public/website-name/uploads) to your WordPress (/wp-content/uploads)

Linux command line Example:

$ cd /var/www/html/your-wordpress-folder/wp-content/

$ ln -s /Dropbox/Public/website-name/uploads uploads

For Windows you will need to install ‘Link Shell Extension‘. Once installed, creating a symlink is pretty straight forward.

4. Next go to your Dropbox account online and navigate to your ‘Public’ folder and highlight any file. On the right hand side there is a small downward arrow. Click on it and select ‘copy public Link’


5. Now login in to your WordPress admin and go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Media’ and scroll down to ‘Uploads Files’.


Now paste your dropbox public link to ‘Full URL path to files’ box field, with the right path… for example:


6. And finally hit save and you’re done. You may need to clear your site cache and eventually all image paths should point Dropbox CDN. From now on creating a new post, all images will sync and served from Dropbox.

Enjoy! I hope this has helped speed up your site.

Here is my tips to help collaborate more efficiently with work colleagues, friends and family or even clients.

Tool one: Google Docs
Nearly everyone now a days have an google account. Well google has cleverly integrated an online Word, Excel and PowerPoint tools. No need to install application on my machines, just open your web browser and login to google account and go to ‘Documents’ and presto!


Create your desired documents and choose to share with friends. The beauty of this online app, you can be anywhere and make changes with your friends in realtime. Fun fun fun!

Tool two: Dropbox
Dropbox is an online cloud storage tool. Signing up is free and you instantly receive 2gigs storage. Once signed up you can receive another 250mb by going through their step by step guide through. This involve spreading the word and encouraging to get your colleagues and friends onboard. The incentive is to invite as many people to sign up and for every recommendation signed up you automatically receive 250mb. Its brilliant because you can clock up your storage space to max of 10gigs.


The best way of sharing working files and docs is by installing the Dropbox app on your desktop.
Create a folder in your Dropbox folder, right click and invite to share with your friends and family. Your friends and family will receive an email invite and you’re done. Whatever files you drop or update, Dropbox will automatically sync data on all everyone’s machine. Magic!

Not many people know this but if you go to you can receive another 500mbs by writing your review and following Dropbox with twitter. Or if you like you can sign up here as my referral and receive 250mbs instantly

These online tools are free… And will save you valuable time and peace of mind your important files and document are backed up via the cloud.