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System Defragmenter / Windows Recovery is the lastest virus attack.

I have come across this virus on several computers… and so here is my findings how to remove this Malware virus and to recover all your valuable data…

1 . Download ‘RKill.exe’ here

Download and run it. This will stop all services relating to this virus. i.e stop all fake pop-ups and stop it from rebooting your machine randomly.

2. Download ‘Malwarebytes Anti-Malware’ here

Install the app and make sure you get the latest updates. After installation do a perform full scan, this may take sometime so my yourself a cup of tea or watch an episode of you favorite show. Once complete, hit Remove Selected’.

3. Finally download unhide.exe here

This should un-hide all files and folders which the virus had hidden on your machine… which you may thought you had lost.

Good luck all!