How to get the fastest internet connection in your home today in the UK

Are you ready to supercharge your internet experience? Look no further! Before we dive into the setup process, let’s get one thing straight – fiber is where it’s at. Compared to traditional copper wire connections, fiber delivers faster and more reliable speeds. So, check if fiber is available in your area and rejoice if it is!

Assuming you have fiber, the next step is to equip yourself with a Unifi Dream Machine Pro and a or Wifi 6 Access Point or Wifi 7 Access Point (your choice!). Setting up this dynamic duo is a breeze:

  1. Connect your fiber modem directly to the SFP WAN port on your UniFi device. This will grant you a whopping 10 Gbps of bandwidth.
  2. Plug in your WiFi access point into one of the Ethernet ports on your UniFi device.

Voilà! You’re now ready to enjoy blazing-fast internet speeds, with potential downloads and uploads clocking in at an astonishing 3 Gbps.

This is my current speed connect. I’ve seen 3150.00Mbps for up & down when connect via ethernet. Insane speeds. My only bottle neck now is Wifi 6. The maxium speed I’ve seen is 780.00Mbps. Wifi 7 should give roughly 1200Mbps.


Fibre is great! with faster internet, but you will have to review your hardware to see if your devices and capible handling these speeds. With the right hardware you can getting the best speeds for your budget.


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