How to replace screen on Linx tablet 10v64

Before you can consider replacing you Linx 10 screen, you first need to ask yourself is it worth doing? and can I live with the crack screen since I can still navigate Windows via keyboard and mouse? I know it can be annoying seeing crack screen but it also depends how badly. In my case the crack was on the top right and using the touch screen became obsolete. With this tablet, I mainly use for testing and general surfing.

Before we can begin you need to purchase Linx 10 replacement screen from here:

I would highly recommend the screen replacement as they are genuine. Next, I would recommend purchasing Screen screw set. Ideally, you need to find the cheapest set with a screw head H1.3 a hexagon shape required unscrew 4 screws under the kickstand. What I also found handy was the screen pick which helps separate plastic back and screen.

Once you have these tools you are good to go!

There are for screw you need to unscrew behind the kickstand, two at the bottom and two under the hinge.

I would highly recommend too pre-warm plastic backing around the tablet, this will avoid cracking. To do this use a blow hair dryer and go around the device edges for 5 minutes. With the screen pick slowly prie around the screen starting from top right to left. Be forceful as the table is well put together and you should feel the tabs clicks.

Please note to remove the micro memory card as this was my mistake and nearly broke the card.

Once you have the top part detached from backing done pull up from the bottom as shown in the picture.

Next, you want to detach screen data ribbon from the board, to do this flip the screen flat down located data ribbon as shown picture below. You will need to gently peel back sellotape back and left the black tab or otherwise slowly pull on data ribbon away from you. You will see the black tab should left.

Next, flip the screen over again and with the hair dryer heat around the edges.
Slowly you can pull the glass out starting from any corner, the heat of the dryer should soften the glue. Eventually, you should just the frame and LCD, like have this:

Finally, clean screen and surroundings making sure there is no fluff then apply new glass by removing all the protective film etc. Place new glass firmly, feed screen data through the slot and back into the board by folding down the black flap.

Once you have done this I would recommend to power up the device to test the screen is working as excepted, if not working double check you have inserted screen data cable correctly.

And that’s it! If all is well, put everything back together again.


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