How to Mount Remote Folder from NAS to you Mac

First of all you need to enable NFS on your Mac, to do this type this command
sudo nfsd enable
$ cd /etc/
Then you have to edit if not create file called ‘exports’
$ sudo nano exports
path to your directory you want to mount follow by “-alldirs -mapall=501”
"/Volumes/LaCie" -alldirs -mapall=501
List show user ID (Commonly you want 501)
$ id
Every time you make a change to this file you need to restart NFS services.
$ sudo nfsd restart
Confirm your NFS paths
$ showmount -e

Finally Login to your Synology server, go to ‘File station’ > ‘Tools’ > ‘Mount remote Folder’ > ‘NFS Shared Folder’
In the Folder files put in your Mac’s IP follow by the path

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