How to create MD5 Encrypt password in CentOS

Hi all, here is a tip how to create your own MD5 Encrypt password. There are a few MD5 Encrypt gernerators sites out there like and so forth…

But how secure are they? Do they capture your IP and details? And could they hack in to your sites? These are the questions you need to ask yourself.

Well, here is the safe way round to generate your own MD5 code in CentOS.

On your local CentOS machine, create a php file. For example ‘password-gen.php’.

Next Copy and paste the below code:

echo md5('Your-password-here');

Finally, in your web browser visit the page. e.g ‘http://localhost:80/password-gen.php’

Ta Dah… You should your password in MD5 Encrypt.

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