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Recently my external hard drive died on me, and I had lost valuable content. I wished I had backed them up. I’m sure you all have thought about it and say to yourself “I will backup my files over the weekend”. But you always forget or you don’t have the time…. And so before you know it, your machine / external hard drive eventually gives up on you when you need it the most.

I found a solution called SpiderOak, an online storage system. I was recommended by a friend who has clock up 50gb of free online storage. Yes, believe it! 50gb baby! FREE! How you may question yourself… well its by recommendation. For every referral your receive, yourself and the referrer will receive 1gb. So to help you start off click here or scan QR code below to get your extra gigabyte. Initially if you signup from SpiderOak site you will get 2gb.

Setting up is straight forward, you first sign you and follow the on screen setup and download their small app and you are on your way. With SpiderOak you can chose what you want to backup, you can even drill down to a specific file. Once you have chosen your files/folder this can be schedule to sync as frequently as you want, on the fly, weekly or monthly.

Other features are syncing files to each of your machines and sharing files and documents like Dropbox. The only difference between these clouded storage systems, SpiderOak encrypts all your files, not even SpiderOak themselves know what you have uploaded to their cloud. Only you can see files on your computers or mobile devices. I personally think this is the way forward if you want to backup files and want the security as well, try SpiderOak!

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I have had my T-Mobile wireless broadband pointer for 6month and the MIFI device has been a life saver. Ideal when you’re out and about.

Recently I have discovered how to improve the image quality whilst surfing the web. As you may already be aware of, mobile broadband compresses images to reduce maxing out your monthly allowance. To improve picture quality hit ‘Shift + A’, you should see all images refresh picture perfect. If you want to view a specific image of your interest, hover over mouse pointer and hit ‘Shift + R’.

Left poor image - Right improved image

Left demonstrate poor image, Right shows improved image quality.