Omniture HTML custom/exit/download links

Here is an example of how to embed Omniture to your links.

Exit link

<a onclick=",'e','Exit-link-name-here');" href="#"> ...</a>

Download link

<a onclick=",'d','Download-link-name-here');" href="#"> ...</a>

Custom link

<a onclick=",'o','Custom-link-name-here');" href="#"> ...</a>

To view links in Omniture console go to:
Site Content > Links > Custom Links etc.

If you want to be more specific you can do this:

<a href="index.html" onClick="
var s=s_gi('rsid');
s.pageName = 'cnuk:show:generator-rex:games:augmented-reality';
s.prop1='Custom Property of Link';'event1';,'o','Link Name');">My Page</a>


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